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Quotes, summaries, and notes from media and academic articles I’ve read on the subject.

Ex-Yugoslavia in the News, August 2020

ShareTweetElections in Montenegro News “Montenegro Holds Elections in Shadow of National Identity Crisis,” Balkan Insight, 8/28/2020 “Montenegrins will go to the polls on Sunday in a vote that has been overshadowed by bitter arguments about national identity and religious values as… Continue Reading →

Ex-Yugoslavia in the News, July 2020

ShareTweet“#Yugosplaning the World,” The Disorder of Things, July 2020 A series of articles by ex-Yugoslav authors and scholars, “most of which have everything to do with war, dispossession, displacement, and exile.” ShareTweet

Leksikon YU Mitologije: Yugonostalgia or Crowd-Sourced Mythology?

ShareTweetLeksikon YU Mitologije (Lexicon of YU Mythology) is a collaborative 2004 book, and an ongoing online project, compiling 800+ short narratives of Yugoslavian popular culture. ShareTweet

Massacre of the Present

ShareTweetJurica Pavičić, “HRVATSKA JE IZVUKLA NAJVEĆU DOBIT IZ JUGOSLAVIJE! Vladajuća ideologija drži se mita da je to bila negacija hrvatskog identiteta, a istina je suprotna,” Jutarni List, 2/19/2018 [pdf] ShareTweet

The Taboo of Memory: A Pain Called Yugonostalgia

ShareTweetAna Hofman. “Tabu na sećanja: Bolest zvana jugonostalgija.” Nova srpska politička misao: časopis za političku teoriju i društvena istraživanja. 11/5/2007. ShareTweet

Novi život partizanskih pesama (The New Life of Partisan Songs)

ShareTweetIn December 2016, The Calvert Journal ran a story about a revival of Partisan songs in the Balkans, driven by “activist choirs.” ShareTweet

Post-communist nostalgia as a special memory case

ShareTweetTodorova, Maria. “Daring to remember Bulgaria, pre-1989.” The Guardian, 9 November 2009. ShareTweet

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