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How remnants from Yugoslavia including spomeniki and other monuments, street names, commercial products, music, etc. feature in memory.

Katarina Radulović: A 13-Year Old Yugonostalgic?

ShareTweetPinkove zvezdice is an American Idol-like program of the Serbian TV Pink in which children perform. One of the stars of recent years is Katarina Radulović. ShareTweet

City Tours with Old Yugoslavian Cars

ShareTweetA number of companies in the capital cities of ex-Yugoslavia provide tours in vintage Made-in-Yugoslavia vehicles. ShareTweet

Mirjana Karanović: “I Am a Yugoslav”

ShareTweet“Yubilej: Ja sam Jugoslovenka,” Novosti, 11/30/2018 ShareTweet

Lepa Brena: “A Yugoslav”

ShareTweetLepa Brena was the most famous Yugoslav singer of the 1980s. Today she continues to personify Yugoslavia to many. ShareTweet

Yugoslavian Music Without Yugoslavia

ShareTweetAna Petrov. Jugoslovenska muzika bez Jugoslavije: koncerti kao mesta sećanja. Beograd: Delfi, 2016. ShareTweet

The Kitschification of Communist Material Culture

ShareTweetFischer, Lisa Pope. Symbolic Traces of Communist Legacy in Post-Communist Hungary: Experiences of a Generation that Lived During the Socialist Era. Leiden: Brill, 2016. ShareTweet

Tito in Street Names Across Former Yugoslav Republics

ShareTweetThe Italian researcher Giorgio Comai has created a map of streets and squares across the former Yugoslavia bearing Tito’s name. ShareTweet

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