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Podcast Episode 5: Future Mo(nu)ments – Sanja Horvatinčić

ShareTweetSanja Horvatinčić, PhD, a researcher at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb, applies a bottom-up, heritage-from-below methodology to analyze Yugoslav WWII monuments and modernist architecture. ShareTweet

Podcast Episode 4: Made in Yugodom – Mario Milaković

ShareTweetMario Milaković, the founder of Yugodom, a stay over museum of mid-century modern Yugoslav design, discusses his creation, tourism, and Yugonostalgia. ShareTweet

Podcast Episode 3: The New-New Life of Partisan Songs – Ana Hofman (Part 2)

ShareTweetEthnomusicologist Ana Hofman discusses the revival of Partisan songs by activist choirs on the territories of the former Yugoslavia. ShareTweet

Podcast Episode 2: Partisan Songs for the Socialist Win, Post-Yugoslav Dump – Ana Hofman (Part 1)

ShareTweetEthnomusicologist Ana Hofman discusses the history of Partisan songs, performed today by activist choirs, in World War II, during the socialist Yugoslav period, and immediately after Yugoslavia’s disintegration. ShareTweet

Podcast Episode 1: You Go, You Go, Yugo – Antonija Buntak

ShareTweetThe inaugural episode of Remembering Yugoslavia is all about the Yugo car. ShareTweet

Launching the Remembering Yugoslavia Podcast: Why Remember Yugoslavia?

ShareTweetRemembering Yugoslavia started with an idea of covering various aspects of the disappeared country’s memory politics, from Tito to products to architecture. ShareTweet

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