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Remembering 25 May, Dan Mladosti (Day of Youth) (Plus Podcast Ep. 73)

Dan mladosti (Youth Day or Day of Youth) was one of the biggest holidays in socialist Yugoslavia. It continues to be commemorated today.

An Incomplete Guide to (Post)Yugoslav Cinema (Podcast Ep. 72)

Let’s go to the movies! Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav cinema is a port window projecting the region’s cultures and history.

Yugonostalgia: Past, Present, and Future (Plus Podcast Ep. 71)

Yugonostalgia is like a vessel that everyone fills with their own ideas and meanings. What is it and why does it exist? How does it manifest and how do different people experience it? And where is it headed?

The Jews of Sarajevo (Podcast Ep. 70)

Jews have been part of Sarajevo’s human tapestry since the 16th century, only to be “discovered’ by the rest of the world during the Bosnian War. This is their story.

Diaspora Voices 4: Searching for Identity and Community (Podcast Ep. 69)

Diaspora Voices is an occasional series of conversations with ex-Yugoslavs living abroad.

Inspired by Yugoslavia #3: Partisans (Podcast Ep. 68)

The country of Yugoslavia may no longer appear on any physical maps, but it remains on many people’s mental maps; though Yugoslavia may be dead forever as a political entity, it lives on as a cultural project.

Inspired by Yugoslavia #2: New Belgrade (Podcast Ep. 67)

The country of Yugoslavia may no longer appear on any physical maps, but it remains on many people’s mental maps; though Yugoslavia may be dead forever as a political entity, it lives on as a cultural project.

Inspired by Yugoslavia #1 (Podcast Ep. 66)

The country of Yugoslavia may no longer appear on any physical maps, but it remains on many people’s mental maps; though Yugoslavia may be dead forever as a political entity, it lives on as a cultural project.

Yugoslav Humor: Jokers to the Right (Podcast Ep. 65)

What do you call Yugoslavia after Tito? Titanic. It’s the end of the year, time to get serious about humor.

Burek in Space (Podcast Ep. 64)

Burek is a pastry dish comprising thin layers of dough and a variety of fillings—a quintessential Balkan breakfast staple, late night snack, or anytime-anywhere fast-food delight, really.

Ex-YU Rock Center (Podcast Ep. 63)

Rock music is a huge part of Yugoslavia’s legacy. Soon, there will be a place in Sarajevo bringing Yugoslav rock back to life.

Bosnian Ice Hockey (Podcast Ep. 62)

When you think of sports in Yugoslavia, ice hockey doesn’t exactly skate to mind. But not only does hockey have a tradition in the former Yugoslavia, in one unexpected part of the disappeared country the beautiful game is on the… Continue Reading →

The Lost (and Last) Yugoslavs of Astoria, Oregon (Podcast Ep. 61)

A story of a tiny immigrant community in the first permanent American settlement west of the Mississippi.

Performing YU and EU in Kosovo (Podcast Ep. 60)

A close look at how Yugoslavia and the European Union, both supranational entities with uneven economic development and riven by nationalism, strive(d) to change institutions, structures, economies as well as behavior and practices in Kosovo

Island, Bared: The Goli Otok Prison and Its Memory (Podcast Ep. 59)

A barren island in the Adriatic Sea was between 1949 and 1956 the site of an internment camp where Tito’s regime sent its opponents for “re-education.”

Lepa Brena: A Yugoslav Woman (Plus Podcast Ep. 58)

Lepa Brena was the most popular and best-selling Yugoslav singer of the 1980s, Yugoslavia’s Madonna. She continues to personify Yugoslavia for many to this day.

Fićo Goes Back to the Future (Podcast Ep. 57)

There’s a Yugoslav car that was even more important than the Yugo for the country and for the country’s memory. Better known by its nickname, Fića / Fićo / Fićko, Zastava 750 was the first Yugoslav car.

Slavenka Drakulić: A European Person (Podcast Ep. 56)

A conversation with journalist and writer Slavenka Drakulić.

Third Culture Kids (Podcast Ep. 55)

The scars of the Siege of Sarajevo have marked an entire generation of Sarajevans—and their children. How do children of Bosnian refugees growing up abroad, the third culture kids, form their identity?

Jovanka vs. Melania (Podcast Ep. 54)

In the last 75 years, two Yugoslav-born women were the First Lady of their respective countries: Jovanka Budisavljević was the third wife of Josip Broz Tito and Melania Knavs is the third wife of Donald John Trump.

I Am Jugoslovenka (Podcast Ep. 53)

Generations of Yugoslav women fought for Yugoslavia and then against the patriarchy in it. Many of them were artists, whose primary medium for their work were their own bodies.

Remembering Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics (Plus Podcast Ep. 52)

The Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics AKA XIV Olympic Winter Games AKA Sarajevo 1984 were Yugoslavia’s proudest moment in the final years of its existence.

Balkan Travel Writers (Podcast Ep. 51)

When it comes to travel writing and the Balkans, the vast majority of literature is by Western authors; travel writing about the Balkans. What’s much less known

Here Yugo Again: The Yugo Car Goes to America (Podcast Ep. 50)

The Yugo car headlined the inaugural episode of Remembering Yugoslavia. A part of the little Yugoslav car’s story remained unexplored, the part that made the Yugo one of the best known automobiles in history—and turned it into a legend.

History of Yugoslavia 101 (Podcast Ep. 49 – Bonus)

Croatian historian Ivo Goldstein gives a short lecture on Yugoslavia’s history in an attempt to answer the question, “Was Yugoslavia good or bad for its peoples?”

Yugoslav Cuisine (Podcast Ep. 48)

There was Yugoslav cuisine the same way there is European cuisine. At best, Yugoslav cuisine was an amalgam of cuisines of Yugoslavia’s constituent peoples

The Specter of Dayton (Podcast Ep. 47)

Yugoslavia continues to disintegrate. There’s Kosovo, there’s lingering territorial and financial disputes among successor countries…and there’s Republika Srpska.

Two Schools Under One Roof (Podcast Ep. 46)

In 2016, a cantonal government decided that, in one of the secondary schools in Jajce, which was following a Croatian curriculum for all the students, a separate school would be established

Secondhand Tito (Podcast Ep. 45)

A sea of ink has been spilled documenting the life and times of Josip Broz Tito.

Karma Pavilions (Podcast Episode 44)

Yugoslavia lives. It lives, among other things, in the architecture and infrastructure built during its existence.

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon at 80 (Podcast Episode 43)

Eighty years since its publication, Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia remains the most authoritative (and longest) book of travel writing on that former country.

Robert Kaplan: The Ghosts of Balkan Ghosts (Podcast Episode 42)

Few travel books have had as big a real-world impact as Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History by Robert Kaplan.

“UDBA je sudba”: Yugoslav Killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est (Podcast Episode 41)

Yugoslavia was the most aggressive among socialist countries in using assassinations as a means of protecting the state and the communist party.

The Great Bosnian Emigration (Podcast Episode 40)

Bosnians are leaving their country in droves. Why? And what can be done about it?

Svetlana Slapšak: A Yugoslav Dissident (Podcast Episode 39)

Yugoslavia was a one-party system, and not everyone there liked it.

Toward a Concrete Utopia (Podcast Episode 38)

From July 2018 to January 2019, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City hosted the exhibition Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948–1980.

Yugosplaining the World (Podcast Episode 37)

In July 2020, a series of 18 essays appeared on the Disorder of Things blog under the umbrella title, Yugosplaining the World.

Dream of the Yugoslav ’80s (Podcast Episode 36)

For some two decades now the 1980s have been a rich referential resource for culture-makers across ex-Yugoslavia (and globally, of course).

A Galaksija Not So Far Away: The Story and Legacy of the Galaksija Computer (Podcast Episode 35)

Do you remember that time in the early days and weeks of the pandemic when you picked up a new hobby?

Petrova Gora Monument: From Utopia to Dystopia (Podcast Episode 34)

The Monument to the Uprising of the People of Kordun and Banija at Petrova Gora, or Peter’s Mountain, in central Croatia, belongs to the most notorious derelict Yugoslav-era monuments.

(Croatian) Diaspora Voices (Podcast Episode 33)

Diaspora Voices is an occasional series of conversations with ex-Yugoslavs living abroad. In this, the third installment, two millennials from Croatia living and pursuing their PhD in the UK share their stories, poems, and scholarly findings of emigration.

Mother Freedom, Father Land: The Revival of Kočani’s Monument to Freedom (Podcast Episode 32)

Art, bravery, and community in the lesser known corner of the former country.

The YUruguayan Connection: The Lost World of Yugoslav Mail Art (Podcast Episode 31)

On February 19th, 2015, Clemente Padín, the elder statesman of Uruguayan art, replied to an email from his compatriot and young artist Francisco Tomsich with a fateful attachment:

Mitja from the Russian Blocks and the Deficit of Yugoslavia (Podcast Episode 30)

The top scholar of Yugonostalgia, professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Ljubljana, and ex-Yugoslav National Army cook, Mitja Velikonja, discusses his military service, the good and the bad of Yugoslavia

Long Live 1940s Graffiti (Podcast Episode 29)

Graffiti dating back to the 1940s survive on walls of towns and villages from Ljubljana to the Istrian peninsula.

Spit and Sing, My Ex-Yugoslavia! (Podcast Episode 28)

Across former Yugoslavia and beyond, songs of the Partisan struggle, resistance, and revolution reverberate anew in the public square.

All the Monument’s a Stage (Podcast Episode 27)

Artists have used Yugoslav World War II monuments as elements in their works to criticize official policies

Diaspora Voices II (Podcast Episode 26)

In this installment of Diaspora Voices, an occasional series of conversations with ex-Yugoslavs living abroad, three people on three different continents—Australia (Parramatta, NSW), North America (Vancouver, BC), and Europe (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)—share stories of their journeys

On Spomenik Photography (Podcast Episode 25)

How and when did the world’s fascination with Yugoslav socialist monuments begin?

Tito and His Biographers (Podcast Episode 24)

More than a generation after Tito’s death, biographies of the Yugoslav statesman keep appearing apace. Why is that?

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