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How socialist Yugoslavia is represented or commemorated in today’s culture, including film, literature, visual arts, commercial products, kitsch, holidays, etc.

Yugonostalgia: A Compendium of Analyses

ShareTweetPinThe phenomenon of Yugonostalgia continues to elicit attention from the media and academics. ShareTweetPin

Katarina Radulović: A 13-Year Old Yugonostalgic?

ShareTweetPinPinkove zvezdice is an American Idol-like program of the Serbian TV Pink in which children perform. One of the stars of recent years is Katarina Radulović. ShareTweetPin

Leksikon YU Mitologije: Yugonostalgia or Crowd-Sourced Mythology?

ShareTweetPinLeksikon YU Mitologije (Lexicon of YU Mythology) is a collaborative 2004 book, and an ongoing online project, compiling 800+ short narratives of Yugoslavian popular culture. ShareTweetPin

Zajednička borba

ShareTweetPinA CD released in 2012 compiled 23 songs by bands from across former Yugoslavia to promote anti-fascism and anti-fascist activism. ShareTweetPin

Yugoslavia Online

ShareTweetPinYugoslavia has been resurrected and continues to exist on the world wide web. ShareTweetPin


ShareTweetPinA 2012 song and video by the Bosnian rapper Haris Rahmanović AKA Priki, 31, imagined what Yugoslavia may have looked like had it never disintegrated. ShareTweetPin

Tito’s Last Town

ShareTweetPin“OVO JE POSLJEDNJI TITOV GRAD NA PROSTORIMA BIVŠE JUGOSLAVIJE ‘Kada bih mogao dignuti Broza iz groba i leći tamo umjesto njega, ja bih to učinio odmah’,” Jutarnji List, 3/11/2018 [pdf] ShareTweetPin

Poem: “Why Am I a Yugoslav?”

ShareTweetPinDimitar Anakiev, “Zašto sam Jugosloven?” XXZ Magazin, 12/20/2018 [pdf] ShareTweetPin

General Consulate of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

ShareTweetPinGeneral Consulate of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is a nonprofit based in Tivat, Montenegro, promoting the former country. ShareTweetPin

Monument to Tito Unveiled in Podgorica

ShareTweetPinRadio Slobodna Europa today reports that a memorial to Tito was unveiled in Podgorica. ShareTweetPin

6 Things Serbs Say Why Yugoslavia Was Better

ShareTweetPin“6 predanja svakog jugonostalgičara,” Telegraf, 11/29/2018 [pdf] ShareTweetPin

Remembering 29 November, Dan Republike (Day of the Republic)

ShareTweetPinIt is no coincidence I launched Remembering Yugoslavia on November 29 (2017). ShareTweetPin

“Guide to Yugonostalgia”

ShareTweetPinSvjetlana Rašić, “Vodič kroz jugonostalgiju: Da li je 25.maj u modi?” (Guide to Yugonostalgia: Is May 25 in Fashion?), Esquire Serbia, 5/26/2017 ShareTweetPin

Remembering 25 May, Dan Mladosti (Day of Youth)

ShareTweetPinDan Mladosti was one of the biggest holidays in SFRY and it continues to be commemorated today. ShareTweetPin

Gallup Poll Finds Mixed Perceptions About Yugoslavia’s Breakup

ShareTweetPinA Gallup poll released a year ago, on May 18, 2017 shows that perceptions regarding Yugoslavia’s breakup vary by former republic, by ethnicity, and by age. ShareTweetPin

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