A roundup of Yugoslavia-related news for the month of July 2020.

“#Yugosplaning the World,” The Disorder of Things, July 2020

A series of articles by ex-Yugoslav authors and scholars, “most of which have everything to do with war, dispossession, displacement, and exile.”


…in Croatia

“Conservatives Win Croatia Election, First Results Show,” Balkan Insight, 7/5/2020

“In a shock result that polls did not predict, the governing conservative Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, has taken a convincing lead in the parliamentary elections held on Sunday, according to the preliminary results.”

“We Spoke to Croatia’s First Anti-Capitalist MP in Three Decades: AN INTERVIEW WITH KATARINA PEOVIĆ,” Jacobin, 7/15/2020

An interview with a new Croatian Member of Parliament, member of the Workers’ Front, of the Green-Left Coalition.

…in North Macedonia

“North Macedonia Election Returns No Clear Winner,” New York Times, 7/15/2020

“Zoran Zaev changed North Macedonia’s name to allow it to join NATO and apply to the European Union. But he faces coalition talks after failing to win a majority in Wednesday’s election.”

“North Macedonia’s Success Story May be About to End,” Foreign Policy, 7/24/2020

“But on closer inspection, North Macedonia’s success story is less convincing. And, if anything, the elections shone a light on the very real challenges the country faces.”

25 Years Since the Srebrenica Massacre

“‘I Can’t Forgive’: Mother Hunts For Answers 25 Years After Srebrenica Genocide,” Radio Free Europe, 7/10/2020
“Srebrenica: Scaled-back ceremony marks 25 years since massacre,” BBC, 7/11/2020

Two of many stories marking a quarter century since the Srebrenica massacre.

Other Topics

“Belgrade to Scrap Street Names Recalling Old Yugoslavia,” Balkan Insight, 7/27/2020

“Authorities in Belgrade plan to change the majority of names of streets recalling places in former Yugoslav republics where “Serbia is not respected”, local media have reported. [C]hanges will start with places named after places in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

The streets impacted will include those named after Sarajevo, Mostar, Hvar, Split, Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, etc. New names will include , and name them after people who served or are friendly to Serbia, like the assassin of the Ustasha leader Ante Pavelić or nationalist writer Dobrica Ćosić. The move follows earlier renaming of streets like Zadar, Zagreb, Travnik, and others.