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Of Interest

Šumarice Spomenik

From Tito and His Comrades
  • Implementing German policy of killing 100 Serbs for every German killed and 50 for every wounded, on 10/21 and 10/23/1941, Germans killed 2,300 Kragujevac residents, including students, teachers of a local high school [p. 79]
From Balkan Idols
  • Germans executed 7,000 civilians in retaliation for Partisan attacks [p. 97]
  • Partisan spomenik converted to “memorial to the martyrdom of the Serb people” in mid-late-1980s. [p. 150]
From The Book of Revenge
  • Commemoration at Šumarice held every October 21
  • Kids would go with parents or school for the park and commemorations or other visits every year
  • on May Day there was music and dancing, poetry, plays, pig roasting, beer, street vendors, people in best clothes – “a communist happening”
  • “…I finally understood what this park was about: it was about dying and dancing afterwards.”

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