The Remembering Yugoslavia podcast explores the memory of the country that no longer exists. How do people of the former Yugoslav republics remember and imagine their former homeland? Created and hosted by Peter Korchnak. New episodes two to four times per month.

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I am so grateful to you for producing this important podcast. It has become my current joy and addiction. Ana, Perth, Australia

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“Thank you for a really great podcast. I really appreciate the depth and width of topics you touch upon – and you have a great voice for podcasts. I’m very much hoping to continue to get knowledge and impressions through your podcast and your interviews. Please do continue.” —Thomas, Denmark (September 2021)

“This podcast is really an incredible public service for scholarship on Yugoslavia as well as for the citizens of the lost country.” —Aida Hozic, University of Florida, USA (July 2021)

“This podcast is so well produced and researched it blew my mind. I really haven’t been able to properly mourn the loss of Yugoslavia or attempt to more fully survey what was lost until I listened to this podcast. So I can’t thank you enough for that!” —Stevan, Serbia / USA (July 2021)

“Just to say how much I enjoy listening to your podcast. It is so well made, serious but at the same time enjoyable, clever, with excellent editing and music support.” —Ivan, Canada / Czech Republic (April 2021)

“Thank you for the work you’re doing. It helps those of us who love this country that no longer exists to keep the flame alive, but also to know new authors and academic approaches. Your podcast is really a breath of fresh air.” —Carlos, Spain (February 2021)

“Just binging your podcast. It is helping me so much in discovering the land my parents left in 1963. This podcast is riveting to me and at the same time, I feel a great melancholy. Being the child of immigrants can be difficult. You never belong where you are nor where they came from. Your podcast helps me to understand so much more of the life I may have had if things had been different.” —Tania, Serbia / Australia (February 2021)

“Thank you so much for making this podcast! This [is] a much needed resource for those of us that were born in the early 80s and were/are looking for ways to articulate our experience/past and also process and reconcile the mostly positive narratives re YU (from our parents etc) with the contemporary nationalistic narratives.” —Sanjin, Bosnia and Herzegovina / USA (January 2021)

“Greetings from an ex-Yugoslav! I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed your podcasts thoroughly over the past few months. [T]hank you for all the work you’ve done bringing the memory of the country to those who know little or nothing about it, to those like myself who were too young to remember much of the old country! I myself am from Bosnia, born in ‘86. So as you can imagine, other than a few fleeting (possibly even projected) memories, all I know is from my parents many stories and research I’ve done myself. I have been warmly recommending your podcast to everyone interested.” —Bojan, Bosnia and Herzegovina / Ireland (January 2021)

“Thank you, Peter, for your terrific work on exploring and documenting Yugoslavia as a country, idea, and a contemporary point of reference and for the incredible time and effort you are putting into it. I enjoy very much your podcast and your incisive cultural, political and economic analyses.” —Tomislav, Croatia / Canada (December 2020)

“I am so grateful to you Petar for producing this important podcast. It has become my current joy and addiction [and] my antidote to covid19. I look forward to learning more from you. It really has been a wonderful journey of discovery. I never considered travelling around the country or to other republics because I like to stay in [my ancestral] village and be part of daily life there. The travel ban in Australia has kept me far from my beloved otok Prvić Šepurine, but your podcast has filled the void and has led me to other Yugo ether-lands. When I finally get to breathe the Adriatic air again I will feel buoyed by all that I have learnt and absorbed from your podcast. I’m not much of a ‘tourist’, but now I have reason to see more. Thank you for keeping the memory of Yugoslavia alive. “ —Ana, [Croatia] / Australia (November 2020)

“I really really enjoy your project. What I appreciate most about it is your hosting it – it is difficult to find any media in English that is not either produced by America or somehow heavily influenced or indebted to it. Your kindred perspective as a post-socialist, national of a non-existent country, really comes across in the podcast, and protects it from the fetishisation or exoticism (even orientalism) that I sense in so many other English language podcasts about… well anywhere outside America’s borders. So thank you again for that.” —Mikal, UK (October 2020)

“First of all, I really enjoy listening to your podcast and learning about life in Yugoslavia, its culture and how its former citizens viewed it then and view it now. I admit that as someone who grew up in the West I have a sense of nostalgia for an idealised Yugoslavia that I never experienced, so I am just a bit of a fashionable interloper looking at old photos on Instagram. (…) So thank you for the podcasts, and it’s a pleasure to listen and to support you in making more episodes.” —Alexander, UK (September 2020)

“I’ve been following you and your account on Instagram for awhile and have been enjoying your podcasts as well. I was born in the former Yugoslavia and emigrated with my family to South Africa during the early 90s Civil War. I’ve grown up here and while I feel South African I also feel I am a Yugoslav, nor Serbian or Bosnian Croat. As I grow older, I feel a deep love, longing and even a heavy pain every time I explore the history of the former Yugoslavia. Your podcast and the episodes Ive listened to have really moved me and allowed me to take a glimpse into this country that I love and yet barely know. Thanks for the work you’re doing and I look forward to your next episodes!” —Ivan, Serbia / South Africa (September 2020)