A journey through the memory of a disappeared country, Remembering Yugoslavia explores how the people of the former Yugoslav republics remember and imagine their former homeland, which no longer exists.

Created and hosted by Peter Korchnak. New episodes two to four times per month.


I am so grateful to you for producing this important podcast. It has become my current joy and addiction.
Ana, Perth, Australia




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Thank you for the podcasts, and it’s a pleasure to listen and to support you in making more episodes.
Alexander, UK

Episode Shownotes (with Transcripts, Links, and More)

Your kindred perspective as a post-socialist, national of a non-existent country, really comes across in the podcast, and protects it from the fetishisation or exoticism (even orientalism) that I sense in so many other English language podcasts about…well anywhere outside America’s borders. So thank you again for that.
Mikal, London, UK