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Peace and Division in BiH: 25 Years of the Dayton Peace Accords – Gorana Mlinarević & Nela Porobić Isaković (Podcast Episode 18)

ShareTweetPinWhat has Dayton wrought and where do we go from here? Bosnian policy analysts and activists Gorana Mlinarević and Nela Porobić Isaković bring a feminist perspective to discuss the reality and legacy of the Dayton Peace Accords after a quarter… Continue Reading →

Das Ist Museum – Elma Hodžić (Podcast Episode 9)

ShareTweetPinElma Hodžić, curator at the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, discusses the museum’s memory-making activities and Bosnian post-war identity. ShareTweetPin

Remembering 1984 Sarajevo Olympics

ShareTweetPinThirty-five years ago today the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics started. The event was Yugoslavia’s proudest moment in the final years of its existence. ShareTweetPin

Tito’s Last Town

ShareTweetPin“OVO JE POSLJEDNJI TITOV GRAD NA PROSTORIMA BIVŠE JUGOSLAVIJE ‘Kada bih mogao dignuti Broza iz groba i leći tamo umjesto njega, ja bih to učinio odmah’,” Jutarnji List, 3/11/2018 [pdf] ShareTweetPin

Notes on Jajce

ShareTweetPin[This is a running post, updated with new notes as needed.] ShareTweetPin

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