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Podcast Episode 7: Yugofuturist Rock’n’Roll – Petar Janjatović

ShareTweetPetar Janjatović, author of Ex-YU Rock Encyclopedia 1960-2015, discusses the endurance of Yugoslav rock and the political power of music. ShareTweet

Podcast Episode 6: Yugoslavia as Cultural Subversion – Martin Pogačar

ShareTweetMartin Pogačar, PhD, a research fellow at the Ljubljana-based Institute of Culture and Memory Studies, discusses the subversiveness of Yugoslav pop-culture and Yugoslavia’s digital afterlives. ShareTweet

Podcast Episode 3: The New-New Life of Partisan Songs – Ana Hofman (Part 2)

ShareTweetEthnomusicologist Ana Hofman discusses the revival of Partisan songs by activist choirs on the territories of the former Yugoslavia. ShareTweet

Podcast Episode 2: Partisan Songs for the Socialist Win, Post-Yugoslav Dump – Ana Hofman (Part 1)

ShareTweetEthnomusicologist Ana Hofman discusses the history of Partisan songs, performed today by activist choirs, in World War II, during the socialist Yugoslav period, and immediately after Yugoslavia’s disintegration. ShareTweet

Katarina Radulović: A 13-Year Old Yugonostalgic?

ShareTweetPinkove zvezdice is an American Idol-like program of the Serbian TV Pink in which children perform. One of the stars of recent years is Katarina Radulović. ShareTweet

Zajednička borba

ShareTweetA CD released in 2012 compiled 23 songs by bands from across former Yugoslavia to promote anti-fascism and anti-fascist activism. ShareTweet

Lepa Brena: “A Yugoslav”

ShareTweetLepa Brena was the most famous Yugoslav singer of the 1980s. Today she continues to personify Yugoslavia to many. ShareTweet

Yugoslavian Music Without Yugoslavia

ShareTweetAna Petrov. Jugoslovenska muzika bez Jugoslavije: koncerti kao mesta sećanja. Beograd: Delfi, 2016. ShareTweet

Shake, Rattle and Roll

ShareTweetDalibor Mišina. Shake, Rattle and Roll: Yugoslav Rock Music and the Poetics of Social Critique. London: Routledge, 2013. ShareTweet


ShareTweetA 2012 song and video by the Bosnian rapper Haris Rahmanović AKA Priki, 31, imagined what Yugoslavia may have looked like had it never disintegrated. ShareTweet

Novi život partizanskih pesama (The New Life of Partisan Songs)

ShareTweetIn December 2016, The Calvert Journal ran a story about a revival of Partisan songs in the Balkans, driven by “activist choirs.” ShareTweet

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