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Keep the Flame Burning

The Olympic flame was extinguished in Sarajevo forty years ago today.

The Twists and Turns at Trebević: Renovation of the Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Track

The bobsledders sported black-and-blue bodysuits and full helmets but the Union Jack plastered on the hull gave them away.

Sarajevo, USA (Podcast Ep. 84)

One in three Bosnians live outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rockin’ Sarajevo

This essay first appeared in audio form in the Slovak original on the program “Odinakiaľ” (From Elsewhere) of Rádio Devín, on April 19, 2023.

The Jews of Sarajevo (Podcast Ep. 70)

Jews have been part of Sarajevo’s human tapestry since the 16th century, only to be “discovered’ by the rest of the world during the Bosnian War. This is their story.

Diaspora Voices 4: Third Culture Kids (Podcast Ep. 55)

The scars of the Siege of Sarajevo have marked an entire generation of Sarajevans—and their children. How do children of Bosnian refugees growing up abroad, the third culture kids, form their identity?

Remembering Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics (Plus Podcast Ep. 52)

The Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics AKA XIV Olympic Winter Games AKA Sarajevo 1984 were Yugoslavia’s proudest moment in the final years of its existence.

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