Travel in the country that no longer exists.


  • Tour leader: Peter Korchnak – creator, producer, and host of the Remembering Yugoslavia podcast; Yugoslavia nerd
  • Tour manager: Eugenio Berra – ex-Yugoslavia resident and tour guide since 2010; East and South East Europe coordinator of Viaggi e Mirragi, a responsible tourism operator
  • English-speaking driver

Yugoslavia: From the Cradle to the Grave

Yugoslavia from the Cradle to the Grave is a cultural tour across the vanished socialist country.

In this non-traditional tour, we journey through the past, present, and the future of the former Yugoslavia.

Through three capitals and many stops along the way, we will trace Yugoslavia’s history from its birth to its resting place, and investigate the ways it remains alive today.

Guest guides and expert speakers will highlight different stories of each location.

The number of participants per tour is 7–15.

2024 Dates

Each tour begins on a Monday and ends on a Friday the following week – 12 days / 12 nights.

    • 6 May–17 May 2024 – book by 26 April
    • 5 August–16 August 2024 – book by 21 July
    • 26 August–6 September 2024 – book by 11 August
    • 9 September–20 September 2024 –  book by 26 August
    • 30 September–11 October 2024 – book by 16 September
    • 21 October–1 November 2024 – book by 7 October


The 2024 price of the tour is €2,500 / $2,650.

  • €500 / $500 non-refundable deposit to book – complete the form below
  • €2,000 / $2,150 remainder to be paid no later than 7 days prior to the tour

  • Accommodations in individual rooms, min. 3-star hotels - 12 nights
    • Zagreb - 2 nights
    • Jajce - 1 night
    • Sarajevo - 4 nights
    • Belgrade - 5 nights
  • Breakfast 11x
  • Welcome and farewell drink
  • Transportation
  • Guides
  • Entries to places of interest (parks, museums)

  • Flights / transportation to tour meeting point and from final stop
  • Lunch and all but one dinner - a la carte
  • Snacks
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs)
  • Travel insurance - strongly recommended
  • Gratuities for tour guide(s) and driver


The tour begins in Zagreb and ends in Belgrade.

Day 1: Zagreb

  • City center: introduction to Zagreb and its role in Yugoslavia's history, legacy of socialism in its architecture and monuments
  • Croatian cuisine
  • Museum of the 1980s and New Wave Museum: Yugoslav pop culture

Day 2: Zagreb

  • Dotrščina Memorial Park: WWII resistance and oppression, production of monuments in Yugoslavia, memory and remembrance politics in Croatia
  • Mirogoj Cemetery: graves of the greats, war monuments
  • New Zagreb: socialist architecture (Trade Fair complex, brutalist apartment blocks)

Day 3: Zagreb - Jasenovac - Jajce

  • Brotherhood and Unity Highway
  • Jasenovac Concentration Camp: WWII/Holocaust remembrance in Croatia, Stone Flower monument
  • Welcome to Jajce: surprise dinner

Day 4: Jajce - Sarajevo

  • City tour: medieval kingdom, the founding of socialist Yugoslavia, Bosnia's multicultural society
  • Novi Travnik: Nekropolis monument
  • Welcome to Sarajevo

Day 5: Sarajevo

  • City center: Ottoman and Habsburg legacy, Baščaršija market, Bosnian coffee
  • Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics sites: Olympic legacy
  • Bosnian cuisine

Day 6: Mostar

  • Tito's Bunker in Konjic
  • Mostar city tour, including the Ottoman Bridge and Partisan Nekropolis

Day 7: Sarajevo

  • History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Siege of Sarajevo
  • Caffe Tito: Yugonostalgia in a cup
  • Art and reconciliation: Kuma International, Ex-YU Rock Center
  • Sevdalinka concert

Day 8: Sarajevo - Belgrade

  • Srebrenica: genocide and remembrance
  • Monuments at Bratunac and Valjevo

Day 9: (Socialist) Belgrade, Capital of Yugoslavia

  • City center tour: introduction to Belgrade as Yugoslavia's capital
  • New Belgrade: Non-Alignment (walking tour), industrial and architectural legacy (tour in Zastava 750 Fića cars)

Day 10: Zemun & Novi Sad

  • Danube: boat ride, tour of Zemun, fish restaurant
  • Novi Sad: city tour, Vojvodina in Yugoslavia

Day 11: (Alternative) Belgrade

  • Resistance in the 1990s
  • Underground Belgrade and street art

Day 12: Belgrade

  • Monuments at Kosmaj and Avala Mountain
  • Tito's Blue Train
  • Museum of Yugoslavia and Tito's Grave

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    Tito: Life and Legacy

    Tito: Life and Legacy is a journey across the biography and accomplishments of socialist Yugoslavia’s leader.

    In this non-traditional tour, we trace Tito’s life in places where he was born and died, where he fought and worked, where he partied and hunted, where he succeeded and also where he failed… We will superimpose the president’s life onto the history of Yugoslavia and explore what he means to people in the disappeared country today.

    Guest guides and expert speakers will critically highlight different facets of Tito at each stop.

    The number of travelers for this tour is 7–15.


    This tour is offered only once a year, to coincide with the annual celebration of Tito’s birthday and Day of Youth. All tours begin on a Friday and end on a Sunday, lasting 10 days / 10 nights.

    • 24 May–2 June 2024 – book by 10 May 2024
    • 23 May–1 June 2025 – book by 9 May 2025


    The 2024 price of the tour is €2,250 / $2,400. The 2025 price will be similar, depending on any seasonal cost adjustment, and finalized by December 2024.

    • €500 / $500 non-refundable deposit to book (both 2024 and 2025) – complete the form below
    • €1,750 / $1,900 remainder (2024) to be paid no later than 7 days prior to the tour

    • Accommodations in individual rooms, min. 3-star hotels or equivalent - 10 nights (Zagreb, Ljubljana, Pula, Rijeka, Drvar, Sarajevo x2, Užice, Belgrade x2)
    • Breakfast 9x
    • Welcome and farewell drink
    • Transportation
    • Guides
    • Entries to places of interest (parks, museums)

    • Flights / transportation to tour meeting point and from final stop
    • Lunch and all but one dinner - a la carte
    • Snacks
    • Personal expenses (souvenirs)
    • Travel insurance - strongly recommended
    • Gratuities for tour guide(s) and driver


    The tour begins in Zagreb and ends in Belgrade.

    The itinerary for both 2024 and 2025 tours is identical, only the dates are shifted.

    Day 1 - 24 May (Friday): Zagreb

    • Tours:
      • City center (socialist Zagreb)
      • Walk with Tito
      • New Zagreb
    • Talks:
      • Union of Antifascists Fighters and Antifascists of Croatia / Association of Josip Broz Societies
      • Ivo Goldstein, Tito's biographer
    • Film: Tito and Me (Goran Marković, 2001)

    Day 2 - 25 May (Saturday): Kumrovec - Ljubljana

    • Kumrovec:
      • Tours: Spomen Dom, Political School, Tito's birthplace
      • Event: Day of Youth and Joy
    • Travel to Ljubljana via Velenje (world's biggest statue of Tito)

    Day 3 - 26 May (Sunday): Ljubljana - Pula

    • Ljubljana:
      • Tour: Socialist Ljubljana
      • Talk: Titostalgia
    • Travel to Pula via Rovinj
    • Pula:
      • Tour (socialist Pula)
      • Concert Praksa choir concert

    Day 4 - 27 May (Monday): Brijuni - Rijeka

    • Brijuni: Tito's resort
    • Vodnjan: Partisan graffiti
    • Travel to Rijeka via Labin
    • Rijeka:
      • City tour (socialist Rijeka)
      • Tito's yacht Galeb (after renovation, 2025 tour only)
    • Film: Tito (Janja Glogovac, 2001)

    Day 5 - 28 May (Tuesday): Rijeka - Bihać

    • Željava air base
    • Bihać
      • City tour
      • Partisan Cemetery and Garavica monument
    • Travel to Drvar via Medeno Polje (monument) and Oštrelj (ghost village, Partisan train)
    • Drvar:
      • City tour (center, destroyed monument)
      • Tito's Cave
    • Film: Battle of Neretva (Veljko Bulajić, 1969)

    Day 6 - 29 May (Wednesday): Drvar - Jajce

    • Jajce
      • City tour
      • Museum of AVNOJ (Yugoslavia's birthplace)
    • Travel to Sarajevo via Jablanica (monument, museum) and Konjic (Tito's bunker)

    Day 7 - 30 May (Thursday): Sarajevo

    • Tours:
      • Central city (socialist Sarajevo)
      • History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Museums of Revolution, statuary, Siege of Sarajevo)
      • Sites of 1984 Olympics
    • Film: Battle of Sutjeska (Stipe Delić, 1973)

    Day 8 - 31 May (Friday): Sarajevo - Užice

    • Tjentište (Battle of Sutjeska monument)
    • Travel to Višegrad via Mravinjac (Tito landscape sign) and Foča
    • Travel to Užice via Kadinjača (monument)
    • Užice (city tour, Tito statue)
    • Film: Tito's Murder Squads (Deutsche Welle, 2014)

    Day 9 - 1 June (Saturday): Užice - Belgrade

    • Travel to Belgrade via Čačak, Kosmaj, and Avala (monuments)
    • Belgrade: central city tour
    • Film: Cinema Komunisto (Mila Turajlić, 2010)

    Day 10 - 2 June (Sunday): Belgrade

    • Tours:
      • Non-Alignment (walking tour)
      • New Belgrade (Fića cars)
    • Tito's Blue Train
    • Museum of Yugoslavia (Youth Relay, Tito's grave)

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      The Finer Print

      Additional things to know and keep in mind.

      • Every traveler must be 18 years or older.
      • A tour deposit must be paid within 3 (three) business days from the date of the booking via the booking form, using one of several offered options, which may include ACH transfer, wire transfer, credit card, or PayPal. Otherwise the booking is cancelled. The tour deposit is non-refundable except as provided otherwise.
      • The remainder of the tour price must be paid as soon as possible but the full price of the tour must be received no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the trip date (or proof of arrangement for full payment provided). Otherwise the booking is cancelled and no refund of the deposit issued.
      • If a traveler fails to join the trip without prior notice or leaves the tour early, no refunds will be issued.
      • If tour bookings fall below the stated minimum number of travelers 14 (fourteen) days prior to the first date of the tour, the tour will be cancelled. Travelers will be notified and provided with an option to change to 1) change the tour to a different date, if available; 2) credit moneys paid toward a future tour; or 3) cancel the booking and receive a full refund of the moneys paid, less any unrecoverable third-party costs, such as bank transfers / merchant services fees.
      • We reserve the right to modify or cancel any portion of the itinerary, accommodations, or activities. If any described service cannot be supplied or the advertised itinerary, accommodations, or activities change due to causes beyond our control, for which we are not responsible, comparable services will be provided and no refunds issued. Otherwise, cancellations or terminations of the trip due to circumstances beyond our control will result in a refund less any unrecoverable third-party costs already incurred, e.g. pre-paid accommodations or bank transfer / merchant services fees.
      • We highly recommend all travelers purchase for travel insurance to cover the duration of the tour, to include trip interruption or cancellation, personal injury, medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation cover. We are not responsible for any costs travelers may incur resulting from failure to obtain adequate travel insurance.
      • All travelers voluntarily participate in the tour and accept any and all risks associated with the tour, and release us from any liability and agree to not make any claims for any occurrences resulting from such risks.
      • We reserve to modify the terms of each tour prior to its start at any time and without notice.